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Ember J.

I deliver the tarot's messages in a straightforward, conversational way with a focus on kindness during our time together. As an empath and a highly sensitive/intuitive person, I will connect with you through the symbols that are shown to me by the tarot cards. Messages in tarot can be very uplifting and can even show us specific actions or mindset shifts that can improve our lives or our outlook on life. I find the most successful readings are those that approach our time together with optimism and the goal of learning from the tarot. Whether you are struggling with a tricky situation or just pondering life's lessons, the tarot holds answers.

Education & Experience:

Tarot study began for me many, many years ago while a high school student - when tarot decks were much more difficult to come by. After I got mine (from a mail order catalog!) I was immediately enchanted by the symbols and messages I received through them. Decades have passed and in that time I have honed my intuition, empathy, and knowledge of the card's symbols. I use those skills to connect with my clients helping them understand specific things they can do to improve their lives. Helping people in that way is the most rewarding way to use my gifts as a card reader. I am always seeking to increase my knowledge on the tarot and have taken classes with Laurie Cabot and Briget Esselmont.

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