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Heather M.

I read using tarot, oracle, angel cards and other divination tools. My goal is to give as much information as possible about current and potential future paths and ways to achieve the results your want. I am a straight forward reader and am very interactive clients to give the most information I receive.

Education & Experience:

I have always had intuitive skills from childhood, but I developed as a psychic clairvoyant when I met my mentor in the UK almost 10 years ago. I worked privately with her and other psychics to develop my skills, I've been to classes at the London School for Psychic Studies, Level 1 Blu-E certified, and a Reiki Master. I have been an in-house psychic at Enchanted for over 3 years as well as on the very popular UK psychic lines for 8 years. I am a second degree Cabot witch and have taken classes on tarot, Celtic Gods and Goddesses, crystal sound therapy - and other energy healing modalities. Education never ends when you are part of the esoteric world - which is why it is exciting and ever changing.

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