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Jaymie D

With four decades of expertise and an innate talent for psychic abilities, Jaymie has supported numerous individuals in overcoming life's hurdles. Recognized for her capacity to access the spiritual realm and provide insightful guidance, Jaymie is dedicated to continuous learning, having undertaken numerous classes and courses to enhance her skills and abilities. She takes pride in her extensive knowledge and is renowned for delivering direct, honest messages with compassion and empathy, prioritizing clarity and authenticity in her communication.

Education & Experience:

Commencing my Tarot journey at the age of 12, I've undertaken thorough studies under esteemed mentors across the United States and the UK. Professionally, I've practiced Tarot in metaphysical learning centers, stores, and shops. Recently, I successfully completed Laurie Cabot's Tarot course, further enriching my proficiency. Additionally, I share my knowledge by teaching Tarot, crystal ball scrying, psychic photo readings, and coffee ground readings. Moreover, I am a certified Reiki practitioner.

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