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Lady H. A.

As an author, teacher and High Priestess with over 20 years experience as a Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader and Dream Interpreter, let me shed encouraging light upon your life struggles and decisions. I will help you to find your way to a better outcome by answering your questions about relationships, finances, employment and your future. I will interpret and analyze your dreams to unravel hidden meanings. If you request, I can also channel the presence of any loved ones who have joined the spirit world beyond and relay their messages to those here on earth. Know that I have been blessed with the skills that can help you to unlock the key to your personal fulfillment and success. I am here for you.

Education & Experience:

I am a Gardnerian High Priestess; a High Priestess in the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft and a Priestess of Selket (also Lilith and Hecate) within the Fellowship of Isis where I have been honored with an Adepthood in Sacred Healing Dance. I am the High Priestess of Sacred Moon Coven, ATC (Sacred Moon is a non-profit affiliate of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church) and the Priestess of the Iseum of the Graceful Goddess. I am a member of the Crossroads Lyceum, the Temple of Nine Wells and the Children of Artemis.

I am on the Faculty of Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary where I teach "Introduction to Egyptian Mythology". In addition, I teach workshops and classes on "Introduction to Psychic Mediumship", "How to Read the Tarot", and "Craft of the Wise".

I am the author of three books. My most recent is entitled "The First Sisters: Lilith and Eve" published by John Hunt Publishing, LLC under their Moon Books imprint and sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble plus bookstores throughout the US, UK and Europe. My other two books are "If Mermaids Could Dance" a compilation of 19 original faerie tales (Laurie Cabot wrote the forward) and "A Witch's Diary", (both books under the pseudonym of Lady Lilith) and both published by Spilled Candy Publications. I have also had numerous articles published on Sacred Dance, The Goddess and Witchcraft for magazines and periodicals including: Circle Network Magazine, Arcanum Magazine, Isis Seshat Journal, The Mirror of ISIS, The Isian News and the Cabot Hermetic Temple Newsletter and Witchvox to name a few.

Most recently I was interviewed for "Amazing Mainers" an NPR radio show where I discussed "Being a Witch". And in the summer of 2019, I was the "Guest Speaker" at the New England Metaphysical and Holistic Festival.

I am a professionally trained ballerina and Isadora Duncan dancer and modern dance teacher. As founder, choreographer and principal dancer for "The Undines Dance Company" I and my company performed throughout the Northeast. I have taught "Sacred Dance" and "Dancing with the Goddess" workshops. As a choreographer and Sacred Temple Dancer I have performed in many great Sabbats and Full Moon Rituals including "Stones Rising" in Artemis, PA, with Laurie Cabot.

As an active member of the Sacred Dance Guild I was chosen to teach a "Dancing with the Goddess" workshop at the Guilds Phoenixville Dance Festival.. I also presented workshops of ancient music and dance "Dancing with the Goddess and Singing with the Muses" at the Fellowship of Isis International Goddess Festival in Chicago, IL. I taught a "Sacred Dance" Workshop and gave a Rites of Spring lecture for the New Hope Metaphysical Society in Pennsylvania. It was a sold-out event.

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