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Tommy Ross

Education & Experience:

The cards come alive for you over the phone because of Tommy's vast knowledge of the artwork and symbolism. Tommy is also a successful teacher and the author of this area's only Professional Tarot Card Reader certification course. He also offers lessons on the phone in lieu of a reading! Here are just some of the things he can teach you-
Introduction To Tarot - Division & Sections Of Deck/Tarot As An Art Form/Golden Dawn & The Rider-Waite Deck/Overview Of The Major Arcana/Overview Of The Court Cards/Overview Of The Minor Arcana/Intro to Celtic Cross/Delving Deeper Into The Minor Arcana - Minor Arcana Card By Card/Golden Dawn Names - Minor Arcana Cards/Astrological Correspondences/Numerology In Tarot/The Power Of The Aces/Summarizing & Segregating A Spread/Astrology & The Tarot - Complete Overview of 12 signs of Zodiac/Cards For Each Sign/Using The Astrological Correspondences In Interpreting Spreads/"Pointing" in Spreads/One-word Interpretations Of Cards/Becoming A Qualified & Professional Reader - Mastering The Celtic Cross/Other Spreads including One-Year, One-Week, Three-Card + more.

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